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New York Insurance License

In the state of New York, you can make yourself an invaluable and well-paid part of any insurance company’s team as long as you become a licensed insurance agent. It also has other advantages and you must obtain the New York insurance license to enjoy them.

Check this guide to find more about insurance licensing in New York.

How to print your New York State insurance license

If you want to print your New York State insurance license, then you must complete the following steps. In the first place, you must use the “Producer/Licensee Search” online tool and check the status of your license.

Then, you must login to your account, enter the license number and print the license, following the instructions.

In case you lose a current license, you may request a duplicate license. You will also need to pay a $15duplicate license fee for license print requests (pay by credit card).

How to verify an insurance agent in New York

When turning to an insurance agent, you may want to know whether your agent has knowledge of state rules and regulations, as well as insurance products and services. To ensure that the given agent is trustworthy and competent, you should verify your agent.

To verify an insurance agent in the state of New York, you should use the insurance license search tool. It will provide you with needed information, including the status of the license.

The online search tool is the quickest and easiest way to conduct a licensee search and obtain much information on the license holder.

How to renew your New York insurance license

In New York, insurance licenses are due to expire every two years and you can renew the license 180 days before its expiration.

The main requirements for license renewal is completing 15 credit hours of approved continuing education. These courses are to refresh your memory on the most important aspects of the insurance industry and teach you new standards.

To renew the insurance license, go through this link and complete the required steps. You will need to pay $80 for each license renewal service.

Steps to get an insurance license in New York

Step 1: Complete pre-licensing education

In the state of New York, you must complete the following hours of pre-licensing education:

  • Life, Accident & Health (40 hours)
  • Life (only) (20 hours)
  • Accident & Health (only) (20 hours)
  • Property & Casualty (96 hours)
  • Personal Lines (43 hours)

Step 2: Take the New York insurance license exam

After completing pre-licensing education, you are to take and pass the state licensing exam. To register for it beforehand, click here, select Jurisdiction and pay the $33 examination fee (per attempt).

Do not forget to have currents forms of identification with you, which bear your signature and photo. Otherwise, the testing facility will not allow you to take the test and will, therefore, forfeit the paid examination fee.

The test is monitored by a proctor, whose responsibility is to watch over you. This information might be helpful in case you get nervous in controlled environments.

Step 3: Apply for the insurance license

Once you successfully pass the exam, wait for 48 hours and then apply for the license online. Then, enter the required data, filling the blank spaces and submit the application. The application will cost you $40 per line of authority.

Contact Information

New York State Department of Financial Services
Insurance Division
One Commerce Plaza, Suite 2003
Albany, New York 12257
Phone: 518-474-6630
Fax: 518-474-5048

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