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New York License Lookup

If you are looking for your first job or want to switch careers, you’ll find that New York has ample opportunities. However, many of the state’s most popular professions require licenses. This New York license lookup will help you choose your new career path. Along with job information, the New York License lookup includes all the steps you must take to apply for your license. Go through the career options, pick one, and then take the steps you need to start a new job.

New York Accountant License

If you want to become an accountant in New York, you must first meet the education requirements. You have four options for this. You can graduate from one of the State Education Department’s licensure-qualifying accounting programs. You also have the option of graduating from an accredited accounting program that’s accepted by the State Education Department. If you’ve already completed a program that isn’t recognized, you can submit your transcript to the State Education Department to see if it meets the requirements. Finally, if you have 15 years of public accounting experience, you will meet the education requirement.

If you graduated from an accounting program, you must have one full year of accounting experience to meet the work requirement. You’ve already met this requirement if you have 15 years of accounting experience.

You also must take the Uniform CPA exam before obtaining a license. You need to pass all four parts with a minimum score of 75. You can then apply for licensure through the New York Office of the Professions.

New York Adjuster License

You must meet the pre-licensing requirements before applying for a New York adjuster license. You need to take at least 40 hours of pre-licensing education from a provider approved by the Department of Financial Services. You then have two years to pass the adjuster exam through PSI Services. You also need to submit your fingerprints and obtain a bond for $1,000. You have to provide the board with five Certificates of Character from people you have known for a minimum of five years. When you have everything you need, you can apply through the Department of Financial Services.

New York Alcoholic Beverage Control License

If your establishment wants to sell alcoholic beverages to patrons, you must obtain a license. The state offers different Alcohol Beverage on Premises licenses. Regardless of the license type, you must register your business before applying. If you’re a corporation or LLC, you need to file paperwork with the Secretary of State to register your business. If you operate a sole proprietorship or partnership, you must file a Business Certificate with the county clerk to register your business.

You cannot hold interest in an importing, manufacturing, or wholesale business if you want to get a license. You also must be over 21 years old, have proof of citizenship, and submit your fingerprints.  Before applying, you need to obtain proof that you have workers’ compensation and disability insurance. If you are exempt, you’ll need a Certificate of Attestation of Exemption From Coverage. You also must provide a Certificate of Authority, Certificate of Occupancy, and Newspaper Affidavit when applying.

When you have everything you need, you can use the New York Business Express application wizard. It will take you through the process, ensuring that you have all the documents and information you need to get your license.

New York Business License

New York State does not have a general business license. However, many businesses do need a license to operate. Before you can get a license, you need to register your business. You can then use the New York State Office of Professions to determine the licenses and permits you need. Each license and permit has its own set of requirements. Follow the requirements to obtain the licenses and permits for your business.

New York Cannabis and Marijuana License

In some states of the USA cannabis and marijuana are fully illegal. Still, in other states, their use is legal.

The use of cannabis in New York is legal for adults. The Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act legalized marijuana use for adults over 21. New York State has legalized recreational marijuana quite recently (March 31, 2021).

New York Contractor License

You will need to meet the licensing requirements before obtaining a home improvement contractor license. You will have to register your business before getting a license. You also need workers’ compensation insurance and proof that you have an EPA certification for safe lead practices. If you don’t have that, you will need a signed affirmation. You will also need a $20,000 surety bond or a DCA Trust Fund Enrollment and a Contractual Compliance Agreement.

Once you have all the necessary documents, take and pass the Home Improvement Exam, and provide your fingerprints. You can then apply for your license through the Department of Consumer Affairs Licensing Center.

New York Dental License

If you want to get a New York dental license, you must first graduate from dental school. Then, you need to complete a clinically-based dental residency program. The program must last at least a year. After completing your program, you need to pass a board-approved written exam. You also have to be of good moral character. You can then apply online via the New York State Education Department Office of the Professions’ website.

New York Driver License

If you are at least 16 years old, you may be eligible for a learner’s permit, which is the first step toward obtaining a driver’s license. You must first finish authorized driver education and supervised driving practice. You will also be required to pass a written knowledge test on traffic laws. The visual screen exam, which assesses your vision acuity, is also important.  You must as well decide on your license type and pay the required fees.

New York Engineer License

You need to meet the prerequisites before applying for your New York engineer license. First, complete an EAC/ABET-accredited program in engineering, where you will earn your bachelor’s degree. Then, you need to pass the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering exam. You must then complete at least three years of work experience under a licensed engineer’s direct supervision. After you complete the work experience requirement, you should take and pass the Principles and Practice exam. You can then apply for your license via the New York State Education Department Office of the Professions’ website.

New York Insurance License

If you want to sell, negotiate, or solicit insurance, you must first become a licensed agent or broker. New York requires that you take pre-licensing education. You can choose between 20 hours of courses for the life authority or the accident and health authority, or 40 hours of life, accident, and health authority.  Next, you must take and pass the exam that’s provided by PSI Services. You can then apply online via the Department of Financial Services’ portal.

New York Marriage License

New York State is one of the leading states in the USA with the number of marriages. The state definitely requires a New York marriage license before actually getting married.

The requirements for obtaining a marriage license in New York are not very strict. However, every couple must meet those requirements to be able to get the license. For getting more information about the cost and the details of New York marriage licenses, it is better to contact the town or city clerk’s office.

Generally, marriage licenses are obtained from the town or city clerk’s office, but currently, the office is not working. That’s why, beginning from April 18, 2020, people can also apply for getting a New York marriage license online.

New York Medical License

You can apply for your New York medical license once you meet the requirements. Begin by graduating from an accredited medical program that includes clinical rotations. You also must take training in child abuse identification and reporting and infection control and barrier precautions. You must complete a minimum of one year of postgraduate training. You also need to take and pass your medical exams. You can take Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 of the USMLE. You also have the option of taking Part I, Part II, and PRT III of the NBOME. The test you take depends on the type of practitioner you aim to become. While these are the main two choices, the state also allows exam combinations. Once you have met the prerequisites, you can apply for your license online via the New York State Education Department Office of the Professions’ website.

New York Nursing License

You can begin the path toward getting your RN license by graduating from a nursing education program. The state requires that you also complete child abuse identification and reporting and infection control coursework. You must then pass the NCLEX-RN exam. Then, go to the New York State Education Department Office of the Professions’ website to apply for your license online.

New York Real Estate Agent License

You need to be at least 18 years old to become a realtor in New York. You also need a high school diploma or GED. Then, you must complete 75 hours of pre-licensing education. Before you can get licensed, you also need to find a sponsoring broker. Then, take the New York Real Estate Exam. If you get at least 70 percent on it, you can apply for your license through the Department of State Division of Licensing Services.

New York Security Guard License

If are you thinking about becoming a security guard in New York, you must learn about some important factors. First of all, you should hold a New York license. To get it, you should meet certain requirements and state regulations. To begin, you may get acquainted with the state licensing laws.

Now let’s get into more details. Here you will know what is important to get your license. We start with the simple initial requirements and end with the most important ones. So, get to know which documents you need to present to become a legal security guard. Also, make sure you correspond to the age requirements.

New York Teaching License

You can become an educator in New York after obtaining a teacher’s license. You must earn a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an NYS Registered Program (teacher preparation program). You also must pass the required exams. Begin by taking the Educating All Students test. Then, take the edTPA exam. Depending on your background and the subject you intend to teach, you also might have to take the Bilingual Education Assessment, Liberal Arts and Sciences Tests, or the Communication and Quantitative Skills Test.

After passing the tests, you need to undergo a background check. You’ll submit your digital fingerprints for the background check. You can then apply online via the Office of Teaching Initiatives’ website.

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